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How did the Borgias celebrate Christmas?

  • Posted by : Sophie Swerts Knudsen
  • 2 December 2021

Well, like we do today, they began the Christmas month with advent, and if they were devout, which this cardinal family should...

Il Valentino ‘made by’ Francois Arnaud and Mark Ryder

  • Posted by : Sophie Swerts Knudsen
  • 15 November 2021

All Borgia children were blessed with an exceptional physical attractiveness and we have it on more than one authority that Cesare, Rodrigo...

Masks and Syphilis in Cesare Borgia’s Time

  • Posted by : Sophie Swerts Knudsen
  • 24 October 2021

It’s almost Halloween; the time of the year when shops everywhere sell creepy outfits, dangling skeletons and scary masks. During the Italian...

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