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Obscure Borgia Related places: (2) Cesena

  • Posted by : Sophie Swerts Knudsen
  • 19 January 2022

This past summer, I finally had the chance to visit the beautiful little town of Cesena.  Tucked away in the hills of...

Obscure Borgia Related Places: (1) The Castle of la Motte-Feuilly

  • Posted by : Sophie Swerts Knudsen
  • 2 January 2022

I feel so blessed that I have experienced many venues related to the Borgias; Rome, the Vatican, Cesena, Senigallia, Milan, Forli, Imola,...

A Timeless Tale of Family Bonds:  The Godfather & The...

  • Posted by : Sophie Swerts Knudsen
  • 18 December 2021

A few days ago, I decided to watch ‘the Godfather’ again; an epic movie based on the bestseller written by Mario Puzo. ...

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