Cesare Borgia (In progress…)

Imagine your family name is dragged through the mud and becomes synonymous with incest, murder, poison and unscrupulous greed. And imagine this does not only happen in your lifetime, but it becomes a Black Legend that festers for more than five centuries. This has been the fate of the Borgias, a Spanish family who lived […]

Lilly and the Flower Elves

Lilli is een bijzonder meisje. Bij haar geboorte werd ze door de bloemelfjes uitverkoren tot elfenkind. Op een dag vindt ze in de tuin van haar grootmoeder een toversteen, waarmee ze het prachtige Nevelland van de bloemenelfjes kan bezoeken. Lilli ontmoet er Pixi, het leerling-elfje en koning Brombes, die radeloos is omdat alle andere elfjes […]

Ulf and the Sword of Thor

Ulf, a thirteen-year-old Viking boy, lives in a wealthy Viking village next to a majestic Norwegian fjord, in the year 988 AD. The men of the village regularly raid the coastal villages of England, and Ulf looks forward to the day he can join them. Strong, smart, brave and with his heart in the right […]

Ulf and Loke’s revenge

On their way to England, mysterious storms nearly destroy the Seasnake. Only because Jarl Harald the Soft enters into a dark pact with the trickster God Loke, most of the men survive the shipwreck and reach the English coast safely. England however, hides more danger. The local landlord, Erwin, attacks the Vikings in the dark […]


When Seppe turns ten, he’s told he suffers from an aggressive cancer in his knee and needs to be hospitalized as soon as possible. During his stay in the hospital, he sinks ever deeper in a depression. When his parents buy him a book on the Sioux Indians, he finds comfort in daydreaming he is […]